Day: July 8, 2017

Waymo drops most patent claims in Uber self-driving car lawsuit

Waymo drops most patent claims in Uber self-driving car lawsuit

Waymo drops most patent claims in Uber self-driving car lawsuit

There have been some great pauses between Waymo and Uber in today’s self-driving automotive technology. As a result, the scope of the case begins to focus as the two companies are preparing for a trial that will begin in October.

First, Waymo reduced his case, placing three of the four patent claims he made initially against Uber.

Meanwhile, Uber has had the opportunity to present CEO Larry Page’s alphabet of why his company did not decide to join Uber under its freelance car program.

Waymo the arm of Google’s autonomous driving technology Parents of the alphabet filed the lawsuit in February alleging theft of Uber trade secrets intended to be used in their autonomous vehicles.

The case revolves around engineer Anthony Levandowski, including Waymo says he stole 14,000 documents before leaving the company and found Otto, an independent truck company that Uber was later acquired.

Waymo decided to file his claims in U.S. Patent Nos. 8,836,922, 9,285,464 and 9,086,273, noting that they were linked to a Uber design lidar independent previously known as “spider” that society they no longer use. The remaining patent application is a new version of the lidar technology called Fiji, which is still used by Uber.

A spokesman for Uber issued the following statement: “The Waymo withdrawal in three of its four patent claims is another sign that it is surpromised and can not be delivered.

They not only showed no evidence that one of the 14,000 files in question reached Uber, they now admit that the Lidar Uber design is actually very different from yours.

Faced with this stark reality, Waymo resorted to conspiracy theories that are not grounded in floating facts, doing everything possible to emphasize sensation rather than substance. ”

In addition to the patent information, District Judge William Alsup asked Waymo to reduce his claims of theft of trade secrets of more than 100 to 10, which could be brought before a jury.

In recent months, the judge has urged both parties to simplify the scope of the case so that each can be prepared enough to discuss the merits of the stronger claims after the discovery. This occurred at the same time qu’Uber Waymo and addressed the data to be admitted during the trial.

On this front, the magic of Justice of the United States, Jacqueline Scott Corley, who oversaw the process of discovery of the cause, granted lawyers the opportunity to Uber to present the CEO Larry Page alphabet before the trial. It is expected that these lawyers are questioning why the company has opted not to partner with Uber, a company in which it has invested, through its autonomous driving efforts.

The company also aims to remove the legal head of the alphabet, David Drummond, who was a member of Uber’s board of directors from August 2013 to August 2016. Corley ruled qu’Uber could present Drummond, unless Waymo foresees the call As a witness.

Waymo, meanwhile, continues to argue qu’Uber was aware of the confidential information Levandowski had taken before leaving Google. In a statement, a spokesman said:

“Anthony Levandowski directed the Uber self-driving program for more than a year after stealing 14,000 Waymo confidential files. So he decided that now it is advantageous to disown it, the truth is that Uber supported the fifth amendment Levandowski to avoid self- Incrimination in this case and continues to hamper the production of key documents at all stages.

We have launched a lawsuit because we have found evidence that shows that stolen Waymo files made their way into technology and Uber, despite trying to distract Uber evolution issues, Waymo continued to build his case with more evidence discovered during an accelerated discovery. We hope to share this evidence in court. “

GOP pessimism rising on ObamaCare repeal

GOP pessimism rising on ObamaCare repeal

GOP pessimism rising on ObamaCare repeal

Senate Republicans are returning to Washington increasingly pessimistic about their plan to repeal and replace ObamaCare.

They had to abandon their plans for a vote next week, and they have seen faithful members double their opposition to the law, or at least if they are paid.
“It’s not just the Democrats,” he said at an educated meeting, but noted, with voters in rural Kansas.
When asked if he could support the bill, Senator Chuck Grassley (R-Iowa) told voters that “I do not know if we will even receive an invoice,” according to the Des Moines registry.

Senator John Hoeven (R-N.D.), Who normally aligns with leadership, was also cast as “no” during recreational break.

Even Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-Ky.) Seemed to suggest that Republicans will have to move to Plan B which involves stabilizing insurance markets if they can not pass their bill.

“If my team can not agree on a suitable substitute, some sort of action on private health insurance needs to happen,” he told a meeting of the Rotary Club in Kentucky.

The gloomy outlook highlights why McConnell tried to complete his work on repeal and replacement legislation before July 4 recess.

McConnell did not want his members to face additional pressure during the break, and he did not want to spend more time on medical care. His lecture is now facing a three-week marathon session to take action on the issue.

The committee remains deeply divided with grassroots members who indicate they do not believe they are close to an agreement that could capture 50 votes.

“We are still weeks away from a vote, I think,” Sen. Pat Toomey (R-Pa.) Said a televised Q & A event, as dozens of demonstrators urged opposing the proposed Senate bill.

Moran added that there was no “significant consensus” on how to solve health care.

“[It is almost impossible to try to resolve when you try to do it with 51 votes in the United States Senate, where there is no significant consensus on what the end result should be,” he said.

The leadership held a port of pre-recess talks behind closed doors to try to reach agreements that undecided lawmakers would win, including adding more money for the treatment of opioids.

With a slim majority of 52 seats, McConnell can not afford to lose two Republican senators and let Vice President Pence shock. With Hoeven’s defection, there are about 10 Republican senators who publicly oppose the bill.

“Compared to the optimism of what it was last week … I’m very pessimistic,” Grassley told voters in Mount Pleasant, Iowa, adding that he believes Congress will do something, even if it is repealed and then.

Republicans have campaigned for years to repeal and replace ObamaCare, arguing that the Affordable Care Act “no” and a “death spiral” and insists that the law is not adjustable.

McConnell’s staff quickly pointed out that the GOP chief’s comments are similar to the comments he made after a closed-door meeting with Senate Republicans and the White House Trump. But the pivot comes as McConnell tries to denounce his bench behind the legislation, although conservatives seem to be involved in a fight.

Whether the warning was meant to be a signal to rebellious Republicans who was either the proposed Senate bill, or working with the Democrats, there was no sign they had an immediate impact.

A few hours after near McConnell, Sen. Rand Paul (R-Ky.), A conservative opponent of the Senate bill he believes would leave ObamaCare too far, held a press conference to promote his proposal loosen the rules of the Health of associations.

North Korea, U.S. skip vote on treaty banning nuclear weapons

North Korea, U.S. skip vote on treaty banning nuclear weapons

North Korea, U.S. skip vote on treaty banning nuclear weapons

United Nations – More than 120 countries approved the first treaty to ban nuclear weapons Friday at a meeting of the U.N. Boycotted by all countries with nuclear weapons.

To applause and excitement, Elayne Whyte Gomez, president of the UN conference that negotiated legally binding treaty, released the results of the “historic” vote – 122 nations in favor, against the Netherlands and Singapore abstention .

“We have succeeded in sowing the first seeds of a world free of nuclear weapons,” said Whyte Gómez. “We are … telling our children that, yes, it is possible to inherit a world free of nuclear weapons.”

“The world is waiting for this legal rule for 70 years,” as atomic bombs were dropped on Hiroshima and Nagasaki in August 1945 until the end of World War II.

Setsuko Thurlow, who was a 13-year-old student in Hiroshima when a US nuclear bomb destroyed the city, said survivors “have worked all their lives to make sure that no human being should be subjected to such an atrocity.”

“This treaty banning nuclear weapons states that are illegal, inhuman and illegitimate,” it said in a statement. “This is the most important step in my life towards the goal of Hibakusha (survivors) to completely abolish all these weapons of mass destruction criminals.”

Although there was no reason to celebrate the fact that all nuclear powers including the United States boycotted the negotiations suppresses candles wind supporters, says Pamela Falk, CBS News Foreign Affairs analyst.

None of the nine countries are known or suspected to have nuclear weapons – the United States, Russia, Britain, China, France, India, Pakistan, North Korea and Israel – with Treaty support. Many allies have not attended the meeting, either.

In a joint statement, the United States ambassadors of the United States, Britain and France said that their country never intended to be parties to the treaty.

The response of the ICBM United States test in North Korea focuses on China,
They said that it “does not take into account the realities of the international security environment” and “is incompatible with the policy of nuclear deterrence, which has been essential for the maintenance of peace in Europe and North Asia for more than 70 years” .

The treaty provides no solution to “the serious threat posed by North Korea’s nuclear programs and does not address other security issues that make nuclear deterrence,” said the three ambassadors.

The ban does not address these concerns “can not result in the elimination of a single nuclear weapon and not enhance the security of a country,” they said. “This is going to be the complete opposite of creating more divisions at a time when the world must remain united in face of growing threats.”

The United States, Britain and France and other nuclear powers, want instead to strengthen nuclear non-proliferation nearly half a century, regarded as the cornerstone of global efforts not -Poliferation.

Venezuela's Leopoldo Lopez being released from prison to house arrest

Venezuela’s Leopoldo Lopez being released from prison to house arrest

Venezuela’s Leopoldo Lopez being released from prison to house arrest

(CNN) Venezuelan opposition leader Leopoldo Lopez, whose imprisonment has been a war cry for protesters against the regime, was ordered to be detained at the residence due to health problems, said the Supreme country court Saturday in the morning.

Lopez was arrested since early 2014 on charges of inciting protests against the government.

“By the power of Supreme Court Judge Maikel Moreno, the Criminal Court of the Supreme Court of the Court grants a residence order to Leopoldo Lopez because of health problems,” the court said.

One of Lopez’s relatives confirmed that he had been under house arrest. Details of his physical condition were not immediately available.

The South American country is experiencing an economic crisis that has provoked mass demonstrations in favor of a change of government, especially in the last month.

Lopez’s release follows several tumultuous days for the nation, including a physical assault by supporters of the regime of opposition lawmakers in the National Assembly on Wednesday Independence Day countries.

Lopez’s wife, Lilian Tintori, bit off on Friday that she had seen him for an hour.

López, a former mayor of a Caracas district with the ambition of the presidency, has long been an opponent of socialist rulers and was banned in 2008 to reach the office on corruption charges.

Lopez described prohibition as political revenge. An international human rights tribunal has cleared in 2011, but the country’s Supreme Court upheld the ban.

In February 2014, after at least three people were killed during a demonstration against the government in the capital, authorities accused the violence. He comes and was sentenced in 2015 to nearly 14 years in prison.

This spring, which appeared in the video to dispel health rumors after a reporter has tweeted that he was sent to a hospital. Lopez May has appeared on state television in a white t-shirt with prison bars behind him, citing the date and time in what he said was a “living proof” message.

Days after. His wife, who visited him in jail, said he called on demonstrators to hold mass protests against the government of President Nicolas Maduro.
Mass demonstrations

Public pressure against the government increased earlier this year when all opposition-led National Assembly powers have been transferred to the Supreme Court, which is stacked with supporters of the government. Amid widespread criticism, the court overturned the ruling in April.

Protesters against the government took to the streets of Caracas, in the last month. Maduro sent the Venezuelan army into the streets to maintain order, leading to deadly clashes.

More than 85 people were killed in the riots.
Demonstrators called for Maduro’s resignation, accusing him of eroding democracy.

Anti-G-20 activists riot for second night in Hamburg

Anti-G-20 activists riot for second night in Hamburg

Anti-G-20 activists riot for second night in Hamburg

HAMBURG (Germany) – Anti-globalization activists have acted violently for a second night, while Hamburg welcomed the leaders of the Group of 20, creating street barricades, looting supermarkets and attacking police with shots and incendiary bombs on Saturday.

Police said the riots were extremely aggressive on Saturday morning in the city’s Schanzenviertel area, which is a few hundred meters high.

Hundreds of officers entered the building to arrest rioters wearing black masks, while the roofs were attacked with iron bars and Molotov cocktails. Thirteen activists were arrested when special forces attacked the building.

About 500 people looted a supermarket in the neighborhood, as well as smaller shops. Cars were caught on fire and street lights lit because activists have built barricades with garbage bins and bicycles.

Laura appeared Zeriadtke large-scale clashes unfold in the window of his apartment on the street and witnessed thirty anarchists dressed in black tearing a fence of the building in front of his house and serving as a shield to repel the riot police.

“It was a civil war,” Zeriadtke said, adding that there were many teenagers among the demonstrators.

The mayor, Olaf Scholz, called on the demonstrators to end the violence.

“I appeal to violent demonstrators to stop doing what they are doing and to withdraw rather than commit violent crimes,” Scholz said. “I am very concerned about the destruction … and the brutality against our officers.”

Hamburg, the second largest city in Germany, has a strong radical left scene. Many critics were well informed before the summit that their dense streets would be almost impossible to control, and that conflicts are likely.

However, the German Interior Minister, Thomas de Maizière, said that “any criticism of the venue of the meeting wrongly assesses causes and effects.”

“These are the infinite violent excesses thanks to a desire for destruction and brutality,” said Maizière. He added that police and judicial authorities should take a firm stand against such crimes and that arrests are appropriate.

World leaders gathered in the northern port city of Germany for two days to address controversial issues, including terrorism, climate change and trade.

Most protesters expressed their views peacefully, demanding immediate action on climate change and solutions to the migratory crisis. But some thousands of demonstrators, some of them in the rest of Europe, wreaked havoc on the city.

They fought anti-riot police for two consecutive days, expressed anger against capitalism and globalization and called for open borders to allow all refugees to enter Europe …

Senate Health Bill Could Both Boost And Undercut Mental Health Funding

Senate Health Bill Could Both Boost And Undercut Mental Health Funding

Senate Health Bill Could Both Boost And Undercut Mental Health Funding

Provision little discussed in the Senate bill on health care aims to increase the number of hospital beds for psychiatric care, providing a long sought victory for mental health advocates.

The provision changed a dark rule in Medicaid funds – a rule that has greatly limited the number of beds for people with schizophrenia, bipolar disorder or other mental illness.

This is because the Senate bill would also eliminate $ 772 billion from Medicaid – the federal and federal joint insurance program that is the largest provider of care for people with severe mental illness.

The nonpartisan Congressional Budget Office said the proposed Senate bill, drafted by replacing the Republican Affordable Care Act, would reduce Medicaid spending by 26 percent in 2026 and 35 percent in the next decade.

The loss of these funds would be devastating for health services for people with mental illness, who are among the most vulnerable and disadvantaged in the country, said Bethany Lilly, Deputy Director of Policy and Legal Defense Bazelon Center for Mental Health Law, A defense group.

“Medicaid is the safety net for people with severe mental illness,” said Ronald Honberg, Senior Policy Advisor for the National Alliance for Mental Illness.

United States are moving to strengthen drug registration, even without a new health law
Without health care services and decent psychological support, people with a psychotic disorder can deteriorate rapidly, Honberg said, ending up in overcrowded emergency rooms, prisons and prison cells or dangerous city streets. “This bill is a requirement to make all these problems worse.”

Republicans who drafted the Senate bill said Medicaid spending would increase further as part of their plan, just at a slower pace than expected. The Senate bill will make Medicaid spending more sustainable, said Julia Lawless, spokeswoman for the Senate Finance Committee, one of the Senate committee overseeing health legislation.

“Even before Medamid’s unprecedented expansion of Obamacare,” Lawless said, “the program was plagued with quality issues.

States were prevented from using innovative solutions to improve patient care and increased federal and state Medicaid spending to unprecedented and unsustainable levels. ”

The Senate bill reverses the course, said, and halt the growth of Medicaid “without reducing the real benefits.”

The Medicaid program traditionally refused to pay for hospital stays in large independent psychiatric centers, making exceptions for patients under the age of 21 and institutions with 16 beds or less.

The standard, which has changed little since Medicaid was created five decades ago, is intended to prevent the federal government from paying for long-term care in psychiatric institutions.

Health Law of the GOP could allow insurers to bear the cost of expensive patients
But the Medicaid rule also contributed to a severe shortage of psychiatric beds for people in crisis, said John Snook, executive director of the Center for the Defense of Treatment, a non-profit organization that focuses on people who suffer Severe mental illness.