Jammu and Kashmir Police bust terror module, claim Lashkar now using non-natives to loot banks, ATMs

Jammu and Kashmir Police bust terror module, claim Lashkar now using non-natives to loot banks, ATMs

In what appears to be a major breakthrough in anti-terrorist operations by security forces in the valley, Jammu and Kashmir police on Monday broke a Lashkar-e-Taiba (LET) module in southern Kashmir that Is active and was responsible for several cases of bank and ATM looting.

The latter development assumes importance as probably for the first time in the state’s childhood activism history, the selected pivotal module is a Sache-Kashmir Sandeep Kumar, a native of Uttar Pradesh.

Speaking to the press, Munir Khan, IGP, Jammu and Kashmir, said he was arrested by Sandeep Muzaffarnagar Uttar Pradesh, after police received information stating that Sandeep was in the same house where militant Lashkar Bashir Lashkari had taken refuge .

Laskari died in a meeting with security forces in Anantnag on 1 July. Khan also added that he was also part of the group that ambushed SHO Feroz Ahmed Dar and five other policemen in June.

According to police, Sandeep arrived in Jammu and Kashmir for the first time in 2012. Police added that Sandeep later met a terrorist sympathizer Shakoor Sopore, who put in contact with LeT agents.

These agents have been using Sandeep in the looting of banks and ATMs in southern Kashmir.

Although it focuses on the mode of operation of the module, Khan said Sandeep accompanied militant Lashkar in the sacking of four ATMs across the state. Khan also added that Sandeep and the rest of the module shared the booty between them.

While Sandeep began by sacking banks and ATMs, police said Sandeep also became a hardened terrorist, taking the name Adil and accompanying the activists in at least three operations.

Khan emphasized that it was particularly when Sandeep Dar and five other militants killed on 16 June

Police said LeT militants have exploited Sandeep’s Kashmir credential because it does not need any proof of identity to travel statewide.

Khan closed Lashkar as a “center of criminals” and used non-Kashmir criminals to loot the banks.

In particular, bank robberies and looting ATMs multiply bids after Prime Minister Narendra Modi announced the demonetization of Rs 500 and 1 000 tickets on 8 November 2016.