Market Live: Sensex jumps 250 pts; pharma & IT stocks rally, Divis Labs zooms

Market Live: Sensex jumps 250 pts; pharma & IT stocks rally, Divis Labs zooms

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12 h 17 h update of stock market benchmarks hold gains in the morning, Sensex increasing by 252.92 points or 0.81% and 31 613.55.

Approximately 1,479 advanced populations versus 885 participations decreased BSE.

Meanwhile, the pre-opening session in the NSE resumed, with the skillful increased 47.50 points or 0.49% to 9,713.30.
11:59 am Normal trade: The National Stock Exchange said it would start its normal trade at 12.30.

Operation of the pre-opening session will be held for seven hours from 12 a.m. to 3 p.m.-10 p.m., he added.

11:57 buzz: Divis Labs has risen more than 15 percent from the day as the US Food and Drug Administration will lift import alert 99-32 at the company’s II Unit in Visakhapatnam.

The FDA issued a warning to imports, at points 99-32 and 66-40 of March 2017 and in a warning letter in May 2017 for the installation of Visakhapatnam.

Divi Laboratories has submitted detailed responses and provided updates on Form 483 and timely warning letter.

11:45 The head of the Ministry of Finance said that the government is aware of the technical problem and informed interruption NSE PADOTZKE of NSE exchanges because of software problems.

11:43. Taking expert in the NSE technician: “It is unfortunate to see this show in a day in the market reaches new heights The key element is timely communication and timely action, what is missing in this case,” said CNBC-TV18 Sanjay Dutt Of Quantum Values.

We need more transparency and the exchange of communication, he added.

11:40 The show opens Gold Bond: The Sovereign Gold Bond 2017-18 – Series II chart opened today. The cut in this type of issue has been set at Rs 2780 per gram of gold.

“The nominal value of the bond based on the simple closing price (published by India and the Association of bullion jewelers) for the 999-purity gold of the week before the subscription period, ie 07/03/01 of 2017 rose At 2830 Rs per Government of India in consultation with the Reserve Bank of India, has decided to propose a reduction of Rs 50 per gram at the nominal value of Sovereign Gold Bond “the RBI said that the pricing of the issue .

The question of the obligation will be closed on 14 July. The Government of India can, with notice, terminate the plan before the stipulated period, said the RBI.

The bonds, to be issued on July 28, will be sold through banks, shares of the holding company of India (SHCIL), designated post offices and recognized exchanges, namely the National Stock Exchange of India Limited And the Mumbai Stock Exchange.

11:34 “Do not go through the ‘clean’ message, we are still working on the problem,” said NSE.

11:30 AM NSE is closed for today’s session.

11:29. The GMR Infrastructure said Goa’s international airport has reached its fund-raiser for the proposed Mopa airport.

The bank will provide a loan of Rs 1,330 crore for the development of the Mopa airport project.

11:18 The cash market and NSE futures and options are not open to trading, although the change has already announced that it would open at 11:15.

11:17 Market Update: BSE Sensex 30 shares rose 205.14 points or 0.65% and 31 565.77.

Approximately 1,513 advanced stocks versus 720 stocks decreased in BSE.