DU admissions 2017: St Stephen’s first cut-off list out, highest for English and economics at 98.5%

DU admissions 2017: St Stephen’s first cut-off list out, highest for English and economics at 98.5%

St. Stephen’s University at Delhi University said on Wednesday the first selection list for entry into various degree races with the highest level of English (Honors) and Economics (Honors) 98, 5% For business students.

The gap for English (Hons) this year is 0.5 percentage points compared to 99% last year, but for the economy (Hons), it is 0.3 percentage points against 98.2% in 2016. The university publishes Different thresholds for different currents.

Humanities students should be 97.25% or more in their class 12 for English (Hons) and those in the near-mark science, 98% or higher. For the economy (Hons) students of the current humanities and science must score 97% or higher.

BA (Program) is available to 97% of business students, 95% of the humanities and 96.5% to science students. For Mathematics (Hons), the threshold is 97%, 96%, and 97% for business, humanities, and science students, respectively.

There are a minor cut marks for history (Hons) for students of all currents. It is available at 97.75% for trade students, slightly less than 98% of last year. Humanities students need 96%, slightly below 96.75% last year. And for science students it is 97%, which is lower compared to 97.25% last year.

Chemistry (Hons) is 96.33%, the same as last year, and physics (hons) is 97.33%. The BSc (Physics) program is available in the program BSc (computer) at 95.66% 95% y.

San Esteban received 24,168 applications for 410 places in 11 courses offered. The courses offered by the university are Honors in Economics, English, History, Philosophy, Mathematics, Chemistry, Physics, BA Program, Sanskrit Program of BSC (Physical Science) and BSC (Computer Science).

The university, which reserves 50% of seats for Christians, makes an aptitude test and interviews with applicants who meet the threshold. The list of candidates selected for the aptitude test and interview will be released on Thursday and the talks will begin on June 17

Candidates receive 85% weight for 12 class marks, 5% for proficiency testing and 10% for maintenance. However, candidates who belong to a class of persons with disabilities (PWD) should not appear for the aptitude test and the interview will have a weighting of 15%.

Sports rehearsals begin after June 18, but certificate verification will commence starting Wednesday.

The university had to announce Tuesday morning, but after the University of Delhi has extended the deadline for nominations to Tuesday from 17 hours, it was decided to release at midnight on Tuesday.

In 2016, the university refused cuts with some materials with a lower threshold of 0.25-0.50 percentage points compared to the previous year. The university had received fewer applications compared to 2015.

Last year, in English (Hons) they had the highest 99% cut for trade students, 97.5% for humanitarian people and 98% for science students.

The school follows its own UG admission process. All other DU schools report their limits on June 20.