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SpaceX And Facebook Are On A Race To Globalize The Internet

SpaceX And Facebook Are On A Race To Globalize The Internet

Women and children queue under the hot heat of the midday sun, disgust and frustration builds up around them as they wait to replenish these empty buckets with local hand pump suitable drinking water. The people do not stop having their own water supply, but the cloudy and polluted water barely enough to saturate the thirst of an honest worker. Therefore, they stop for hours on end in the scorching heat of the midday sun, wanting to help their husbands and parents get a glass of cold water when they get home after a hard day’s work. While we are sitting on soft sofas in our air conditioned rooms of urban condition, it is easy to take for granted the life we live, the gifts we have. But if there is one thing, my time in India taught me, that life is so small and inconsequential a humble citizen can be the result of overwhelming corporate and political interests.

It is difficult to think of the Internet when the issue of safe drinking water is at stake is that, above all, we must face our priorities. But if there is one thing, the Internet really works is to open up opportunities for the rural and urban poor struggling to live in a difficult economy. Teach a man to fish, and all that. Or that, or the old urban glamor, is what motivates the likes of Facebook and SpaceX in their quest to make the Internet universally available, and who are not willing to push the boundaries of conventional wisdom when it comes to meeting that With their plans.

“Internet is a wide range of opportunities.Using this can help find a job and a source of income for many people around the world.It can also promote the cause of globalization and help the international economy thrive as a whole.” – Alex Jasin, digital X3

We had a good look at the crucial connectivity for the company’s projects over the next few years to get to F8 from Facebook. Mark Zuckerberg has informed us of his ambitious plans to deploy connectivity solutions to the most remote and distant corners of the globe that do not yet have access to the Internet, and in doing so bring 3 billion people into the world that they have not yet had An internet connection in the mainstream. These plans are divided into three segments. The first is the Acquila Project, which aims to use solar powered airplanes to transmit over the Internet to rural and urban areas of the stratosphere. With Aquila, Facebook has managed to establish a record with its millimeter radio wave technology, which can radiate Internet connections of 36 Gbit / s for distances of up to ten kilometers. However, Acquila still has a way to go, because his large drone crashed into a dust and shade heap in the Arizona desert, shortly after setting the record above.Les femmes et les enfants font la queue sous la Chaleur brûlante du soleil de midi, le dégoût et la frustration s’accumulent autour d’eux alors qu’ils espèrent reconstituer ce seaux vides avec de l’eau potable appropriée à la pompe à main locale. Le village n’est pas sans son propre approvisionnement en eau, l’eau boueuse et polluée ne suffit guère pour saturer la soif d’un travailleur honnête. Par conséquent, ils se tiennent, pendant des heures et des heures sous la chaleur brûlante du soleil de midi, désireux d’aider leurs maris et leurs pères à un verre d’eau potable froide lorsqu’ils rentrent à la maison après une dure journée De travail. Comme nous nous nous assyons sur des canapés moelleux dans nos chambres climatisées de l’état urbain, il est facile de prendre pour acquis les vies que nous vivons, les cadeaux que nous avons. More s’il and a une chose, mon temps in Inde m’a appris, il est si petit et sans conséquence that the vie d’un citoyen privé humble peut être à la suite d’intérêts corporatifs et politiques accablants.

Il est difficile de penser à l’accès à Internet lorsque the question of l’eau potable en bonne santé est en jeu est, avant tout, nous devons régler nos priorités. More s’il y a une chose, Internet fonctionne vraiment bien, c’est ouvrir des opportunités aux pauvres ruraux et urbains qui se débattent pour vivre dans une économie difficile. Enseignez un homme à pêcher, et tout cela. Soit cela, soit le vieux glamor urbain, est mo qui motive les goûts de Facebook et SpaceX dans leur quête pour l’universellement universellement accessible, et les ne sont pas reposés à repousser les limits de la sagesse conventionnelle quand il s’agit de Bien conforms to leurs plans.

“The Internet is a vasta éventail d’opportunités.It will take from the peut aider a trouver an emploi et a source of revenus pour de nombreuses personnes à travers le monde. The peut également favoriser cause de la mondialisation et aiLas mujeres y los niños de cola bajo el ardiente calor del sol de mediodía, el disgusto y la frustración se acumula alrededor de ellos, ya que esperan para reponer estos cubos vacíos con bomba manual de agua potable adecuada local. El pueblo no deja de tener su propio suministro de agua, pero el agua turbia y contaminada apenas suficien

Bank Audit Sundries and Suspense Accounts

  • In case of stationery and stamps the auditor should check the control on custody and issue of stationery items, stamps The auditor should review the process and registers for the same. Stationery items will also include Term deposit receipts drafts, pay orders, cheque books, traveler cheques, Gift Cheques etc.
  • The auditor should offer the suggestions for better control in maintenance and use of stationery.
  • The instances of lost or missing stationery should also be mentioned in the report.
  • In case of Sundries and Suspense Accounts, the auditor should obtain the details of agewise analysis of pending entries in the account, inquire about reason for entry being pending for unreasonable period and assess the position of recoverability of the amount. The auditor should exercise his judgment about making necessary provision against such amounts.
  • In case any unusual items are notices while perusing the account, the auditor should report the same.
  • The auditor should not restrict his checking only to the pending entries, but he should also look into the entries which are squared off during the audit period.

Liabilities – Deposits

  • A deposit accepted from the public is a liability for the bank. Inoperative deposit accounts could be viewed as one of the fraud prone areas. Therefore, there are certain guidelines for operations in inoperative accounts. The auditor should see whether operations in inoperative accounts are carried out as per the guidelines issued. In case the guidelines are not followed, the details of deposits should be given name of the party, the amount due, the due date, the nature of the deposits etc.
  • The auditor should also review the deposit accounts both operative and inoperative to find out whether there are any unusual large movements (whether increase or decrease) in the aggregate deposits held at the year end. In such situation, the explanation from the branch management should be obtained. The movements without proper explanation should be reported in LFAR.
  • The auditor should obtain a list of overdue/ matured deposits at the end of the year. The amount of overdue/matured deposits should be mentioned in LFAR.

Other Liabilities – Bills payable, Sundry Deposits etc.

  • The auditors should obtain age wise details of pending entries in bills payable, sundry Deposits Accounts from the branch management.
  • The details obtained should be scrutinised to find out whether there exists any unusual items or material withdrawal/debits; The auditor should take appropriate view on such items.

Contingent Liabilities

  • The auditor should see that there exists a system which gives a reasonable assurance that all contingent liabilities are identified and properly disclosed.
  • The auditor should mention the list of major items of contingent liabilities (Other than constituent’s liabilities such as guarantees, Letters of Credit, acceptances, endorsements, ) not acknowledged by the branch.
  • The auditor should also obtain representation from branch management that all contingent liabilities have been disclosed and that the disclosed contingent liabilities do not include any contingencies which are likely to result in a loss and which therefore, require consequent adjustments of assets and liabilities.

Profit and Loss Account

  • The auditor should review the system at the branch to compute the discrepancy in interest, discounts or commission and for timely adjustment thereof. The Auditor should see the guidelines of controlling office in this regard.
  • The interest and commission should be checked on test check basis to find out whether there exists proper system to compute them correctly.
  • The income recognition Norms issued by the RBI should be followed at the branch. The auditor should report any deviation in that regard.
  • The report should also mention whether there is a system to estimate and provide interest accrued on the overdue/matured deposits.
  • The auditor should carry out the analytical procedure to find out whether there are any divergent trends in major items of income or expenditure. A suitable explanation should be asked for any divergent trend from the branch management. In case the auditor is not satisfied with the explanation he should mention the same in his report with proper details for the said divergent trend.


Books and Records

  • In most of the situations, nowadays, the books are maintained in the computerised environment.
  • If the books are maintained manually, the auditor should peruse them to find out whether they are maintained properly. The balancing is done and it is properly inked out. The books are to be authenticated by proper signatory at the branch.
  • In respect of computerised environment, the hard copies of certain accounts should be printed regularly.
  • The auditor should also mention the extent of computerisation and adequacy of the access and data security measures and other internal controls.
  • The auditor may review the process of creation of new logins, change of password the administrative control to access different files or reports through computerised system. There should be maker checker system.
  • Updating of the master data should be under supervisory control. The modification in the master data should be registered to Branch Manager only.
  • The auditor should also review the contingency
    and disaster recovery plan for the computer system. Timely backups, offsite backups, should be reviewed to understand the backup procedure.
  • The auditor should also mention any suggestion for efficient operation of the computer system.

Reconciliation of control and subsidiary Records

  • The auditor should see whether the subsidiary records are tallied with the control accounts. In case there are differences the same should be reported. He should also mention the date upto which the control and subsidiary records are balanced.

Inter branch Accounts

  • Normally, the inter branch transactions are passed through Head office account. The balance in Head Office Accounts as shown in the statement should be in agreement with the Head office Account in General Ledger. In case of any difference, the reconciliation statement should be obtained. The pending entries should be scrutinised to report whether there is a system of responding the entry promptly.
  • The outstanding debit entries in the Head office




rHAL Expression of Interest for Appointment of Internal Auditors For the period 01st April 2015 to 31st March 2017 for HAL Bangalore complex,

Helicopter Complex and Design Complex, Bangalore

Hindustan Aeronautics Limited (HAL) is a Public Sector Undertaking under the Administrative control of the Ministry of Defence. Bangalore Complex, Helicopter Complex and Design Complex are three of the five Complexes under HAL. These Complexes are engaged in the Design, Manufacture, Repair, Overhaul of Aircraft/Helicopters/Engines and Aircraft accessories. These Complexes have an annual turnover in excess of Rs. 6000 Crores for the year 2013-14.

These Complexes are in the process of appointing CA firms for carrying out the Internal Audit function for each Division / Office separately for the period from 1st April’ 2015 to 31st March’2017). Keeping with the requirements of transparency and equality of opportunity, the HAL Bangalore Complex is seeking to make these appointments on the basis of tenders benchmarked against a minimum viable offer. Interested CA firms may please visit the HAL website at under tenders of Aircraft Division for more details and information on how to apply.

For Hindustan Aeronautics Ltd H.K.Prakash

DGM(P&S)-Aircraft, Bangalore